MaxKids Webinar

(6:00PM - 7:00PM)


The Event

Children today experience life significantly different than they did 20-30 years ago. Many encounter more stress, toxins, and screen time than previous generations. These challenges result in an increase in chronic health conditions among U.S. children, including asthma, diabetes, obesity, ADHD, depression, and more. Take control of your child’s life by influencing positive behaviors, nutrition, and activities.

Dr. Bobby Belmonte is considered the premiere authority on Kids Immune Health and how to naturally build the best defenses for your child’s body. Never has your Kids Health mattered more than it does right now! Dr. Bobby want’s to be a Voice of HOPE & REASON Your Kids Health!

Event Details

• Learn how to identify your child’s milestones and how to ensure optimum development.
• Discover how implementing the 5 essentials can encourage your child to reach their full potential.
• Find out what nutrients are critical to your child’s health and development.

Date & Time

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